Turn waiting time into sales time, without having to say a thing! Any screen in your practice could be an opportunity to educate and sell.
  • Web Based - Access from any laptop or PC
  • Over 250 Educational Videos
  • Custom Playlists
  • Education on Demand
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Gain access to 200+ videos… then customize your playlists. Change them every day, week, month – whenever! Base your video selections and playlist order on your practice revenue goals! The entire MyPetCARETV educational and product/advertisement library is available to you – and it’s directly at your fingertips!
  • Control: Clinic has control over what content is shown through a user-friendly video-on-demand web portal. Use keyword searches to find your video selections fast!
  • Convenient: Software runs on any Windows or Mac device, including tablets, avoiding the need to buy and mount a TV screen.
  • Vast: Upload your own video content to the existing 200+ library of vendor product & generic treatment videos.
  • Targeted: Create and save unlimited playlists in each exam room!
  • Single Sign-on: “Remember Me” function on all devices makes accessing your videos and playlist easy.
  • Interactive: Pause and skip videos using the keyboard and mouse.
  • Fast: Easy installation takes less than five minutes.